Spettacolo compagnia Grotesk – Surgut – Russia

Spettacolo compagnia Grotesk – Surgut – Russia

Teatro La Fonte , stagione 2018-2019 ospita la rassegna del Centro di Teatro Internazionale COSTELLAZIONI TEATRALI

Titolo : Dolore Amaro

Genere : spettacolo non verbale

Compagnia “Teatro Grotesk”– Surgut (Siberia-Russia)

Regia: Viktor Viktorovic Proskurjakov

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They deal in a different way with the unfortunately current theme of war. Bitter pain is a show of plastic movement consisting of three novellas that they deal in a different way with the unfortunately current theme of war. The first part, which gives the title to the show, is built on the basis of the themes of the

Russian folk songs. Here the war is seen as an event that breaks the daily festive of a whole generation causing only pain. 

The hope is that this same pain will not be experienced by future generations.

The collective suffering becomes private in the second part, entitled “La mamma”, which tells the torment of a mother for the loss of her only son who died in the war.

Finally the show is inspired by the story of the Belarusian writer V. Bykov “Ballata Alpine “. A Russian soldier and an Italian girl run away from a camp imprisonment in the Alps. They find themselves living the most incredible adventure of theirs life and discover that a man and a woman can be able to think not only to war and danger but also to love. Here the content loses every metaphorical meaning and pain becomes in the palpable and concrete staging for continuous historical references. 

The red thread that unites Bitter Pain is its antimilitarist message: a cry against the war.

Informazioni – Teatro La Fonte, Via Roma, 368 – Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

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